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In Albany at the State level 2014 - 2015

NPNY monitored the following bills important to Nurse Practitioner's:

Passed both houses – awaiting Governor ‘s signature.

Assembly bill #4140 Assembly member Gottfried/ Senate #2300 Senator Hannon will conform various sections of law with the 2014 NPMA (to eliminate the requirement for a written practice agreement for NPs with more than 3600 hours of experience.) This includes ordering home care services, and providing clinical lab tests as an adjunct to the treatment of a patient in a primary care setting. The bill also updates several other areas to comply with 2014 NP Modernization Act so that NPs can certify the health of students, cosmetologists, barbers and bus drivers as well as providing certificates of disability.

A3870 Assembly member Nolan/ S3004 Senator Addabo passed the Assembly 97 for 48 against The Paid Family Leave Insurance Act is supported by a large coalition of organizations, including NPNY; It would provide:

  • Up to 12 weeks of job protected paid family leave a year.
  • Benefits replacing 2/3 of an employee’s average weekly wage up to a cap of 50% of the statewide average weekly wage (i.e. $606 of the statewide $1,200).
  • The benefit will be entirely employee paid through a small payroll deduction of 45 cents a week to be adjusted later based on cost through the State Insurance fund.

The proposal passed the Assembly but has not been acted upon in the Senate where it is in the Labor committee, where the bill has 22 co-sponsors –all Democrats.

Increase funding for the Primary Care Service Corps to incentivize nurse practitioners and physician assistants to practice in under-served parts of the state in exchange for loan repayment. Click here for details on how the program works.

Other policies NPNY supports are included in its Policy Agenda 2015.

Thank you to the Advocacy and Policy Team for its diligence and to all who came out to NPNY’s Albany Day in March. Everyone worked hard to meet with legislators and educate them regarding NPs professionalism and practice environment.

Pending Legislation

In Albany at the State Level:
  • In May 2014 A 8556 D/S 6356 B — introduced as part of the budget bill — passed both the Assembly and Senate and was signed into law by the Governor. This bill incorporated most of language of the NP Modernization Act. The Department of Education Office of Professional Services “in consultation with the Department of Health” will draw up regulations and any information that NPs will have to provide when renewing their license.
  • NPNY will keep our members informed when the Department of Education publishes new regulations and requests comments from NPs.
Other bills NPNY supports as detailed in the NPNY Policy Agenda 2014:
  • A1793 B /S4742B 2013 - Paid Family Leave Insurance Act - passed the Assembly but was not acted on in the Senate
  • A4886A /S 3280A - would authorize NPs to admit a patient to an inpatient mental health unit on a voluntary basis. NPs would need to have a certificate in the specialty of psychiatry. There was no action on this bill either in the Assembly or in the Senate.

Please CLICK HERE for the text of the NPMA as enacted into law.


NP Modernization Act
NYS Budget passed on April 1, 2014 and includes the Nurse Practitioner Modernization Act. A significant change in reducing barriers to practice will be for experienced NPs practicing more than 3,600 hours and for the NYS NP practice environment to be studied through the Center for Health Work Force Studies.

Preventing Surprise Medical Bills
Another important piece of legislation NPNY advocated for this year was also included in the NYS Budget including preventing surprise medical bills. See NYS Budget Press Release for more information.

Thank you to our Advocacy and Policy Team for many years of hard work and everyone who came out for our Annual Advocacy Day last month in Albany. Everyone worked hard advocating for meaningful and positive practice environment in NY State. Please look out for details and specifics in the coming months.

Political / Legislative Updates

Interested in Advocacy and Policy? Check out resources and updates on legislation below. If you are interested in becoming part of the Advocacy and Policy Committee, email NPNY is an organization member of AANP.

Check out AANP updates on the federal level and state-wide level.

Important Prescribing Update on the State Level:

Effective August 27, 2013, all prescribers are required to consult the PMP before prescribing a controlled substance (veterinarians are excluded from this requirement).

For more information regarding the PMP visit the Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement's website.

An important aspect of the Affordable Care Act began October 1, 2013 where individuals and families can access insurance coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace (a.k.a. Exchange).

CLICK HERE to get Important federal updates.

CLICK HERE for NYS Insurance Marketplace Updates. 

Check out NYS Office of the Professions Advisory Notices.

Sign up for NYC Alerts through the NYC  Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Health Alert Network.

2013-2014 NYS NP Scope of Practice Proposed Legislation

Check out Assemblymember Gottfried's NP Modernization Act HERE

Check out Senator Young's NP modernization Act HERE

Senator Montgomery's proposed legislation HERE.

Prior Legislation
S4525/A1603 authorizes nurse practitioners to admit a patient to an inpatient mental health unit on a voluntary or involuntary basis. It passed in the Senate on April 25, 2012 and is now in the Higher Education Committee in the Assembly. 

NP Modernization Act (NPMA) A5308 Gottfried/ S3289 Young establishes the nurse practitioners modernization act which allows the practice of registered professional nursing by a certified nurse practitioner to include diagnosis and performance without collaboration of a licensed physician.  

S2917 (Fuschillo) /A1074 (Weisenberg) : Provides that a tanning facility shall not permit the use of an ultraviolet radiation device by persons under eighteen years of age.

S5425 (Duane)/ A7860 (Gottfried)  universal single payer health plan - New York Health - to 
provide comprehensive health coverage for all New Yorkers. 

All of these bills be found on the websites of the Senate and NY Assembly

The Attorney General's I-STOP (Internet System for Tracking Over-Prescribing) Act (S5720-Lanza/ A8320 Cusick) legislation along with the Michael David Israel Laws represent a comprehensive approach to address prescription drug abuse. The “Michael David Israel Laws” include:

  • Patient Information Act (S.6179/A. 9097): Requires disclosure of addiction risks for certain prescription drugs; requires physicians, nurses and pharmacists to provide information on prevention, mitigation and treatment of prescription drug addiction.
  • Physician Training Law (S.6180/S.9102): Relates to continuing medical education requirements for doctors, nurses and pharmacists; requires three hours of training on the prevention, treatment and mitigation of opiate analgesics and psychotropic drug addiction.
  • Addiction Transition Law (S.6181/A.9093): Requires the Department of Health to draft guidelines for the transition of patients from substances with a high risk of addiction to those with a low risk.
  • Controlled Substance Registry Reform Act (S.5049A/A.9121): Requires practitioners to check the controlled substance abuse registry before prescribing painkillers and directs the commissioner of public health to establish an enforcement system.

Legislative Victories to Be Proud Of:

In December 2011, Governor Cuomo’s Medicaid Redesign Team subcommittee on Workforce, submitted recommendation #4: "Remove the requirement that certified Nurse Practitioners enter into a written collaborative practice agreement with a licensed physician" (see A5308/S3289). 

On the state level:

NPs in New York State can now sign death certificates 
thanks to Senator Velmanette Montgomery’s and Assembly member Aileen Gunther’s bill that Governor Cuomo signed July 2011. This is one of the bills we discussed with our elected officials on NPNY’s Annual Albany Lobby Day last March. Many legislators we met with supported the bill! Our hard work paid off and we hope this eases patients’ families with expeditious care in what is often a difficult time. For information on completing a death certificate and cause of death training, visit the Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene’s CME

On the national level:

According to the Dept. of Health and Human Services, the Affordable Care Act also adopted the Institute of Medicine’s recommendations on August 1 that new health plans include women’s preventive health care coverage: well-woman visits, breast feeding support and equipment, contraception, and STI counseling, HPV DNA testing and gestational diabetes screening. Starting August 2012, these services do not require out of pocket expenses or cost-sharing. 

Learn more about required health plan coverage for women's preventive services.

Health Care Reform

Nearly 2.7 million New Yorkers under 65 years old are uninsured.

New York State Exchange


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Why Nurses Need More Authority by J.W. Rowe 

Dr. Loretta Ford, PNP, Co-Founder of the Nurse Practitioner Model, Named to National Women’s Hall of Fame

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